We offer a  wide range of services that will meet your requirements.

  1. Logistics and brokerage

    We offer a service and a logistics detailed allowing companies to have the same result as having a department of traffic.
    We listen to your needs and we’re able to negotiate with the various transport stakeholders to allow your company to get the best  services value for you money.

    Our full service brokerage division aims to be a complement for companies having a considerable volume to move with not much time to deliver.In response, we continue to seek out the  best companies available having the required equipment to do almost all types of works. We take care to monitor all the process from the beginning to the end ensuring timely delivery. 

    Having trucks with mechanical problems can make on-time delivery hard to meet.
    Don’t stress and contact us. We will take care with delivering for you to avoid an expensive delay.

  2. Short time storage term

    Any kind of goods requiring a short period of time term storing (3 months or less). Outside as Inside storing.

  3. Long time storage term

    Storing for every type of the goods for a period of time more than 3 months is available. You have the possibility of getting back the goods in all or in part has your suitability.

  4. Short transit yard

    We have an outside yard of 200 000 square-feets to facilitate the transshipment of goods requiring of the specialized equipment.

    This space can be also used for the outside storing for products such the wood, the steel or the machinery.

  5. Specialized transportation

    We offer transport of heavy machineries service as well as over sized machineries , such as farm equipments, construction machineries and more.

  6. Support Service

    You can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling to our free of charge number. We’ll put great emphasis  and possible efforts has well to find the solution to your problem.

    Phone: 1-888-441-0637

  7. Consolidation

    We offer a consolidation service for shippings to or from  United States, Canada and Mexico. 

    This service allows the senders or the forwarders to obtain the most competitive prices on the market within a relatively short delivery.

  8. Distribution

    From our warehouses, we offer distribution services all around Ontario, Quebec and Maritimes Provinces  – accross Canada and United States. We can take care of the load and the unloading of your containers.

  9. Storage

    We provide 35 000 square-feet of internal storing with 3 loading docks as well as two 20 feets width acces doors. 

    If you have a specific need in storing, we are able to fit out or to build according to your specifications.

    Storing for every type of goods for a period of more than 3 months. You have the possibility of getting back the goods in all or in part has your suitability.


CRE Transport offer you solutions in inventory management, shipping and transportation to solve specific problem such as

  • Last-minute shipping to the customers ?
  • No adequate solution and no  interesting transport costs for your shipping ?
  • Need assistance to gather relevant documents for US and overseas shipping  ?
  • Lack of adequate storage for new products ?
  • Products damages due to lack of adequate storage ?
  • Exaggerated rates for the Canadian West or somewhere else. ?

We can help you !  Contact us for more details.